Government of Nivukk


Our government is denominated as Virtual Government, since the functions of the own government are realized normally in the Internet.

The government describes itself with very concrete political ideas, democracy, freedom and defense of human rights, and all its citizens have the right to universal suffrage.

The virtual government is directed by the President (Unlimited Mandate), is the person responsible, together with his government team, to carry out the basic ideals of our Nation.

The president has unlimited mandate to be the founder of the same, instead the government team of the president is selected by the citizens in elections, any citizen of Nivukk can submit his candidacy, and among all received, the president will study and perform a sieve and leave those that can contribute more to the country to its citizens and the government, so that in democratic elections citizens choose who they want in their government team.

The government’s obligations are to abide by, fight, defend and fulfill the foundations of the country’s constitution, a constitution that is being made, shaped and defined, thanks to the citizens of Nivukk who dictate and approve the laws and regulations of the country. the constitution of Nivukk, which is always open to modifications, as requested by the citizenship, and consultations and referendums will be held, which will determine where we are going and where we want to arrive, as citizens of this future great country of the world.

To be a full citizen in our country, you have to register from the government website, requesting the citizenship of Nivukk has no cost.

Later and when it is active and working properly, citizens can request their passport and the national citizenship document.

Being a citizen of Nivukk from the beginning of its foundation, facilitates and gives a great opportunity to get a position within the same government, or all the possibilities and opportunities of employment and business, which will be emerging with the same growth and scope to new countries and people looking for a new opportunity in a new country and with a real change of politics and the usual governments.


Carlos Conde

Founder and President

Government of Nivukk


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