Welcome to Nivukk

Welcome to Nivukk,

We intend after starting this great project, to turn our eNacion into a unique place for its citizens, where the population and citizens have broad rights of participation in the progress of their own country.

To give real ease to all the day-to-day problems of people in the world, work, family, health, home, education and economy, and also leisure, fun and sports to the fullest, we believe and can change the world, from a same roof, the network.

Nivukk is an eNacion open to everyone from anywhere in the world, we are all welcome, without distinguishing between races, creeds, genders, etc …

Nivukk is and will be the first great universal country with cloud functionality, governed and managed by its citizens, with initiatives, referendums, votes and opinions.

In Nivukk the concept of government is much more than in any other demographic country, in Nivukk we are a democratic eNacion and its citizens, our official language is universal since we speak all the languages ​​of the planet, our official currency is Bitcoin and all the currencies of the world (Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, etc …).

We work every day to grow our country, made by people for people and as you would say in Stamford, to improve as not and of course the planet and our world. Join and apply for your nationality!


Gov. of Nivukk

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